By 2020, you could have an exascale speed-of-light optical computer on your desk

Optalysys, a UK technology company, says it’s on-target to demonstrate a novel optical computer, which performs calculations at the speed of light, in January 2015. If all goes to plan, Optalysys says its tech...


New bandwidth options available in Singapore datacenter

Improvements again! New options for ordering servers in Singapore datacenter have been added. Now our customers can choose different bandwidth options when ordering servers in Singapore datacenter. Customers have...


Amazon may release a bank card reader for smartphones

Amazon, reported online sources, plans to release a special accessory for smartphones, with which users will be able to make payments through credit cards. We are talking about a compact reader that can be connected to...


New available CPU upgrades for Dell Server R210 in Singapore datacenter

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new types of processors, available for ordering with server Dell R210. Now you have a variety of different CPU options when you're ordering a dedicated server in a...