HP to become two companies as consumer PC and printer business splits from corporate services

A release came out detailing a five-year turnaround plan for HP. According to the release, we are about to witness a separation into two companies. The division for corporate hardware and services will become...


Apple released an update for their OS to prevent «Shellshock»

Recently, the US government and specialists announced the discovery of a Unix shell flaw. They deem the flaw extremely dangerous since it could be exploited by hackers.The threat is in the potential development of malware...


Microsoft skips Windows 9 to emphasize the technological advancement

The next version of Microsoft’s OS will be called Windows 10, skipping version 9 to emphasize the technological advancement made towards unifying the software between different devices. Microsoft is said to have...


Free SMS notifications brought to you by Server.lu!

We are happy to introduce our new, absolutely free, SMS notification service. This service was developed to inform our customers about approaching of the contract expiration dates, as well as their server suspension in...