Microsoft skips Windows 9 to emphasize the technological advancement

The next version of Microsoft’s OS will be called Windows 10, skipping version 9 to emphasize the technological advancement made towards unifying the software between different devices. Microsoft is said to have realized that Windows 8 made users experience behavioral changes. The new OS will still feature touch screen functions and will bring back the side tiles from Windows 8. However, the start menu will resemble that of version 7.

Microsoft have already showed their vision of the future to select business individuals. Indeed, business users are the target of the new Windows, especially the ones that use multiple devices including smartphones and tablets. When it comes to app development, Microsoft wants to create a universal system able to accommodate all types of devices. Ideally, software designed for smartphones, while not looking exactly the same, will share its core structure with a desktop app. This will ease the development process for those who want their product to cover multiple devices. End users in turn, will not have to buy the same apps multiple times. All in all, Microsoft are trying to revert the damage caused by Windows 8 and, at the same time, accommodated the needs of mobile device users.

The company is expected to release Windows 10 in mid-2015.